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Before the Internet, businesses and individuals relied on the telephone to have important conversations and meetings. However, the Internet has stepped into the fray as one of the most efficient and reliable manners of communication, giving teleconferencing a different definition.

Teleconferencing used to be solely the use of telephones to communicate in a business setting, but the Internet can also assist in this type of communication. Some teleconferencing systems are built to not only allow for instant communication, but also the sharing of ideas via a virtual board onto which each member of the teleconference can place their own ideas.

Discussions that are held via teleconferencing can also be recorded and transcribed for everyone to look over. If someone was unable to attend the teleconference, the notes can easily be obtained for their benefit as well.

The benefits of teleconferencing are many, just as they are with web conferencing. Not only are businesses able to talk in real-time with clients and associates, but they can also lessen the need for travel to do so. Teleconferencing is also much more efficient as problems can be discussed as they are happening, rather than being delayed.

Meetings can be scheduled within minutes, rather than having to coordinate everyone’s travel schedules to include the relevant associates. Because of this efficiency, businesses find that they save money as well as time with teleconferencing.

Teleconferencing can also include a larger audience if something needs to be related to a larger group of workers. Some teleconferencing programs can ‘seat’ up to two hundred people at a time, giving everyone a chance to be on the same business page.

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