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What is HTML Editor?

A HTML editor is an authoring software program that is used to create content for web sites. HTML software is easy to use since it has a feature that is known as WYSIWYG.

When you design web pages you want to use editor features that are simple to understand. You can buy and download HTML management software from the Internet as well as templates that will help you create web pages for your business or personal use.

There are many advantages to you when you use editing software to develop and design your web pages. Some of these advantages include:

- Most HTML editors are server side includes, or SSI. This means that your web pages will be generated on the “server side” and you can customize many of the files and features of your website.

- If you are maintaining more than one website the navigation between them is easy with an editing program. You can easily drag and drop any file from one site to the other.

- CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, and XHTML code, are easy to use in an HTML editor such as FrontPage.

- The syntax that is used is consistent from one HTML editor to another. No matter what editing tool you use you’ll get the same results based on the similar syntax.

HTML editors are also great for creating tables, building borders around images and changing background color in no time at all. You can easily change the design of your website in just a few minutes to reflect your business style.

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